The Agency conducts regular inspections, both planned and unplanned, of facilities and activities to confirm compliance with regulatory requirements and establish the State control in the field of nuclear and radiation safety.
A physical or legal person is responsible for fulfilment of the license conditions, which are necessary to ensure nuclear and radiation safety.
A planned inspection shell be conducted pursuant to a developed inspection program, which is approved by the Minister at the end of each year.
Planned inspections are carried out at specified frequencies according to the radiation risks associated with facilities and activities as follows:
  • Using radiation sources in medicine, industry and science – at least once a year;
  • Radioactive waste management – at least once a year;
  • Various purpose accelerators (medicine, industry, etc.) – at least once a year;
  • Medical diagnostic radiology (computed tomography, angiography, general radiodiagnostics, mammography, etc.) – at least once in two years;
  • Dental roentgenography and service related to usage of ionizing radiation sources – at least once in five years;
  • Other types of licensed activities – at least once in five years.
An unplanned inspection is conducted on the bases of:
  • Appeals and notifications from the Governmental authorities, organizations and citizens;
  • The information collected on the alleged violations of the State law;
  • Revealing an unlicensed nuclear and radiation activities.
In case of revealing violations of the requirements of the legislation of Georgia and/or license conditions on the part of physical or legal person, the Agency is obliged to carry out the actions provided for by the Code of Administrative Offences of Georgia.