Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Situations
Technological accidents and disasters often have the potential to cause harm to the population and environment.  Nuclear and radiological emergency situations can arise by the nuclear power plant incidents also due to violation of nuclear safety principles. Unfortunately, nuclear and radiological incidents or accidents are not uncommon. The harmful impact of nuclear accidents and incidents on the population and the environment depends on their nature, location, scale, metrological conditions, etc.  In order to ensure nuclear safety, emergency preparedness and response the following mechanisms must be established:
  • An effective regulatory system;
  • Legal framework according to the international standards;
  • Emergency preparedness program for responding to nuclear and radiation accidents;
  • Risk assessment and adequate preventive measures;
  • Effective collaboration between all executive authorities in the field of nuclear and radiation safety;
  • Emergency trainings and exercises in Georgia and abroad;
  • Communication to the public on nuclear and radiological emergencies.