Year: 1994
Country: Georgia
City: Kutaisi
Scope of application: Radiation Therapy
Description: Several radioactive sources, Co-60
Result: Death of one person
Reason: Uncontrolled radioactive sources
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Year: 1997
Country: Georgia
City: Lilo
Scope of application: Military Training
Description: Several radioactive sources, Cs-137
Result: 11 people received chronic irradiation and local damages
Reason: Orphan radioactive sources left in the military base
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Year: 2001
Country: Georgia
City: Village Lia
Scope of application: Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG)
Description: Sr-90
Result: 3 people received irradiation, 2 people serious local damages
Reason: Woodcutters found items emitting heat (2 orphan radioactive sources)
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