Meeting between Vasil Gedevanishvili and the President of Polish Regulatory Authority



The introductory meeting between the Head of LEPL Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Mr. Vasil Gedevanishvili and the President of National Atomic Energy Agency of Poland (PAA) Mr. Andrzej Przybycin was held on 12th of December 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. Parties to the meeting expressed their readiness to make the cooperation between the regulatory authorities deeper.
The meeting was held in the framework of the Scientific Visit in the PAA. The Head of Agency together with the Head of Authorization Service and the Legal Specialist became familiar with the best practice of Poland in terms of implementation of International Atomic Energy Agency Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) Mission recommendations.
Georgia hosted IRRS Mission in February 2018. Respective measures are planned to be carried out in order the Mission recommendations to be implemented.