Training on Ensuring physical protection


On 18-20 of July, pilot training “Ensuring physical protection” organized by US department of Energy and Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety for Radioactive source owners and individuals involved in physical protection was held.
During the training different topics were discussed, among them were “Results of malicious use of radioactive sources”, “physical protection system, Security culture”, “physical protection equipment”, international and national legislation.
The course included different thematic exercises, in which participants had an opportunity to use theoretical materials in practice. Certificates were distributed at the end of the training.
 PNNL representatives attended training. They provided positive reviews on lecturers and course itself.
Training course took place in ANRS premises. Training course was attended by Lepl Security Police Department, Standards and Metrology of Georgia, Lepl Emergency Management Agency, LTD ACE FORWARDING, LTD Radiation Medicine Center, LTD National Cancer Center, STC Delta, Andronikashvili Institute of Physics and Ivane javakhishvili tbilisi state university representatives.