In the frames of the 63rd General conference Lilo incident have been discussed


On 18 September, 2019 in the framework of the International Atomic Energy 63rd General Conference, Georgian Delegation hosted the side event: “International Assistance for a patient from the radiological accident, which occurred in 1997 in Lilo, Georgia”.
The purpose of the event was to discuss the results of international aid to a Georgian citizen affected by a radiation incident in Lilo, Georgia in 1997, including the results of an operation at the Percy Military Hospital in France in March 2019.
During the event the following speakers were present: Mr. Vasil Gedevanishvili, Head of LEPL Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia; Ms. Elena Buglova, Head of IAEA Incident and Emergency Center (IEC); Specialists of the IEC Mr. Florian Baciu and Mr. Eduardo D. Herrera-Reyes; Prof. Eric Bey, Head of plastic surgery, Percy Military Hospital; Prof. Marc Benderitter, Head of Department in IRSN health Division; Governor of France at the IAEA Board of Governors, H.E. Anne Lazar-sur and Prof. Jean-Christophe Niel, Director General of the French Institute for Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection.
Panelists discuss the Assistance Mission with inputs from the requesting State, the assisting State, France, and the IAEA. The side event provided an opportunity for capacity building and knowledge transfer in the medical treatment of radiation injuries where there is often limited information available on similar medical cases.